Top Ten Accessories

June 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

#2 – Free Crochet Patterns:  Accessories  For Kiddies

(I promise I will do one for us bigger kids soon)

Crocheted Collar by Emma from Lulu Loves – I cannot express how much I LOVE this pattern. I made one of these for my daughter less than a month ago, it was so addictive I’ve made several since – I don’t even know any other little girls who I can give them to. You can experiment with different colours and sizes and match them with funky little buttons. You can make one for your little girl and even a matching one for yourself! And people say I don’t get out enough. You can find the free pattern from this multi-talented lady over —-> here.

From left to right:

Marshmallow Mittens by Jennette Reid – Every baby needs at least one pair of mittens, they’re great for keeping tiny little hands warm and toasty and they stop them from scratching. This would make an excellent baby shower gift.

Little Sister Beanie by Linda Permann – One of my all-time favourites. Need I say more.

Little Girl Easy Legwarmers from A Crafty House – These are great for the cooler weather. Plus they just look funky.

Baby Aviator Hat by Deborah Bagley – One for all the aspiring aviators out there. Too cute!

Wrap Around Button Baby Boots by Ashlee Prisbrey – I’ve made about 10 pairs of these already, I just can’t get enough. The pattern is relatively easy for beginners too. Comes in infant and baby sizes

Fox Bag by Birgit Tüchsen – How cute is this? Of course it doesn’t have to be for a child, I definitely wouldn’t mind having one of these for myself.

Ruffled Edge Bib by Alicia Bergin – (Almost all) baby bibs are universally ugly. Just because they are practical doesn’t mean they can’t be a bit pretty as well. Admittedly though, I would have a few trepidations about putting one of these on the neck of a toddler who’s just about to hoe into a gigantic bowl of spaghetti bolognese – not without a soaking bucket on hand at least. But they would be perfect for smaller, dryer snacks.

Thread Crochet Flower Hair Clips by Connie Lee – What little girls jewelery box would be complete without the classic crocheted flower hair clip.

Prince Charming Crown by Lindsay Haynie – Any little boy would look charming wearing one of these. I jumped for joy when I found this one, I’ve seen sooooo many crown patterns for little princesses we needed something for all the little princes out there too.

Top Ten Toys

May 16, 2012 § 9 Comments

Top ten free crocheted toy patterns for babies and kiddies.

I’ve decided to do a top ten series, there soooo many kind, talented designers out there offering their patterns for free. The web is a veritable treasure trove such things, there’s no need to go out and spend lots of money on fancy books (although they’re good too) everything is right there waiting to be discovered.

I’ll start with toys. I have made some of these myself and a few are on my to-do list. I love making handmade toys for kiddies, in my experience they are always the ones they treasure the most.

I just love this guy, how could you not. This Valentine Teddy was designed by Stephanie Jessica Lau, her blog All About Ami is just divine and definitely worth a visit. She is one clever lady – she also designed the Spring Bunny below.

From left to right

Baby Snow Dragon by Marjorie Jones – What a perfect present for a little boy (or little girl of course). I just adore those big black dragon eyes.

Kids Crown by Alli Hyer – Technically more of an accessory than a toy but I had to include it. I made this one for Amelie and a matching one for her teddy bear, it was so quick and easy that I’ve made some more since to give to other little princesses.

Spring Bunny by Stephanie Jessica Lau – I LOVE these bunnies, I’ve seen them around a lot but each crochet artist gives them a new personality and adds something a bit different  – so I never get tired of seeing them.

Baby Ball by Hobby Blogo – The classic, trusty old baby ball, every baby should have one. I adore the colours they’ve used for this one. NOTE: You may need google translate for this blog.

Crochet Toadstool by Annaboo’s House – What a cute toadstool! I can just imagine miniature forest creatures having a miniature tea party underneath. I especially like the climbing vine and the little door.

Amigurumi Doughnut by Lion Brand Yarn – You’ll need to sign up for a free subscription for this one but it’s worth it, they have lots of great crochet patterns.

Fruits and Vegetables Basket by Michele Wilcox – To balance out the naughtiness with the crocheted doughnuts. It’s important to have a balanced diet after all.

LOOP Baby Toy by Amy Herbst – These toys are a must for little ones. Plus they are really quick and easy to make!

And last but not least:

Princess Poppy  by  Janette Williams – Isn’t she cute? I’m in the process of making this one for Amelie for her second birthday. I can’t wait to give it to her, I know she will just love it to bits.

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