To ETSY or not to ETSY

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I’ve always avoided selling my finished projects for a couple of reasons but mostly because I feel you have to undersell yourself in order to compete and in the end it’s just not worth it.  Once you factor in the costs of materials, the time you spend making it plus the time you spend photographing your product… well it all adds up. So I’ve decided to do a trial, I’ve listed a few things at prices I think do justice to all my hard work and if I get buyers, great, if not, at least I’ve given it a go.

If you’re interested you can see my new ESTY store here.


9 thoughts on “To ETSY or not to ETSY

  1. I think your prices are quite reasonable. I’ve seen some really outlandish prices for handmade items on Etsy before and yours are in a good price range!

  2. Hi! Your prices are perfect: not too undercutting of your efforts but definitely in the ball park for people wanting to buy a beautiful handmade gift. Dont undersell yourself: people will value your products if you do. Your designs are lovely! Rach *u*

  3. I completely agree with everything you said, and must remark that your prices are ‘modest’! You are so talented and you make such adorable things it is just not fair to hide it from the world 🙂

    In reference to your post about photographing articles, just to relate that once I took more than a 100 pictures just to have enough (5 total) presentable ones to put up at etsy. Totally understand how you feel.


    P.S. I’ve added you in my circle and will spread word about your beautiful shop!!

  4. I think that your prices are right on the nose. It’s also quite a bit more difficult being outside the US, as I feel that most Etsy customers are US-based. (I also sell on Etsy from Spain) Good luck, and if I am quite sure that your items will sell due to their beauty and your amazing photos!

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