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Granny Square Bonnet

As my daughter becomes more and more mobile it has become near impossible to get a good photo of her. I tell her to sit on her chair and stay still for 10 seconds while mummy takes a photo for her blog.  But telling Amelie to sit still is like telling the earth to stop turning or the grass to stop being green, the word ‘still’ is incomprehensible to her. I simply get a look of confusion and a photo of a blurry arm exiting the frame. But I’ve done OK considering.

I found the pattern for this little bonnet here. This was just a test run, I plan to make more in different granny -square-ish colors. Normally I wouldn’t choose this particular color but a found a stash of it at my local op-shop and it was so soft and lovely I couldn’t resist (and at 50cents a ball I couldn’t really go wrong). I only wish the labels had still been attached the yarn is so silky soft I wouldn’t mind getting more.


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