Bonnets & Booties

I’m going through a baby bonnet phase at the moment, the only problem is I have no one to give them to. For no particular reason I’ve made about 7 bonnets and 2 pairs of booties in the past week. If only babies weren’t so hard to produce/ look after, I might have considered having another baby just so I’d have a use for them.

I made these little booties using a pattern I found here.  I made a shell stitch pixie bonnet to match and I’m working on the pattern if anyone is interested in making it. It was ridiculously fast and easy to make, it would make a good present for an expecting mummy. Now….. to find an expecting mummy to give these to.

11 thoughts on “Bonnets & Booties

  1. I would love to have the pattern for the bonnet! It is darling.
    In the past I’ve made hats for the hospital. It’s nice for parents whose babies are having problems to have a special little gift.

  2. Hi what size are the booties? (The length of the sole on the finished bootie) Im confused about which size to make.

    1. I’ll have to find my tape measure and get back to you on that one. These ones I made are for 0 – 3 months and I used the ‘Infant’ pattern with a 3.5mm hook.

    2. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I just whipped up a new pair using a 4mm hook and the infant pattern and the sole measures 8 1/2cm (3 1/2 inches). Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you, it was really fun to make!aija, I don’t have any plans to sell the paerttn (I basically left it as a bunch of scribbled notes), but it may pop up again someday if I ever get into knitwear. It seems like creating different versions for different sizes would be the biggest challenge I don’t know how people do it!

  4. This is a very cute bonnet, but I’ve completed it and it doesn’t look like a bonnet at all!! LOL. Will you be posting a youtube tutorial of this pattern?

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