A little bit (but not too much) about me:

I’m a busy photographer and mother to one very energetic, very spolit 2 year old girl. When I’m not taking or editing photos I’m can be found sipping tea and cursing while I unravel rows and rows of crochet. All because I couldn’t be bothered to follow a pattern.  I started crocheting when I was pregnant with my little girl, I wanted to make her some booties. I found a pattern I liked and after a few hours and many failed attempts at the first few stitches, I gave up. A few months later while I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my baby (she took her sweet time!) I decided to try again. Thankfully I persisted and after two bouts carpel tunnel syndrome in both my wrists, and 2 years of stumbling through poorly written ‘learn to crochet’ books, I’m proud to say I understand at least the basics of crochet. I started this blog because I found the most useful information on the internet through free tutorials and patterns written by lovely people who were willing to give up their time to help novices like me.

And yes! I did (eventually) make those booties.

Email me: crochetlatte[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au

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19 thoughts on “About

  1. Just read your letter on KP, I’m still getting round to joining. I work in an OP shop for the Disabled and we get lots of nice doilies etc and it is really nice (but not very often) when customers pay more than we ask.

  2. Hello! Your blog is beautiful!! I love your toddler gloves. I sell a small selection of crochet items in my very small shop (it mostly pays for my crocheting hobby :). I respect your right to your intellectual property and was wondering if I may have permission to sell some finished fingerless gloves with credit given to you as the pattern writer in the listing. I, too have gained so much skill from people’s creative generosity, and I would love to use my shop to direct folks to your lovely blog or provide a finished product for those not inclined to make their own. Let me know what you think!
    naturally nora crochet

      1. Thank you so much. The little gloves are so pretty! I am truly grateful for your generosity and I hope you see some action and new followers from the link in the listing!
        naturally nora crochet

  3. Hi there!! Your blog is amazing!
    I really liked your bonnet pattern and made one as a gift for a friend.
    I recently started selling crochet products and was wondering if I could sell finished bonnets on my website and give credit with a link to your pattern.
    Everything you make is beautiful!!

  4. This is EXACTLY how I feel, most patterns can be so frustrating! I have been learning to crochet for a few months now…and I am pregnant with my first child. I look forward to many more of your patterns! 🙂
    Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for sharing your patterns for free 🙂 They are just gorgeous and come at a perfect time as the weather gets chilly here in Sydney. Can you tell me do you use US or UK terms for the stitches in your patters…I’ve just tarted to teach myself crochet and don’t think I’m experienced enough just yet to tell! Thank you 🙂

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