A Granny A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

So I’ve decided to do this ‘granny a day’ thing. I’m not sure how it will go as I get bored with doing the same thing very, very easily (which is why I’ve never managed to make a blanket before). But I’m willing to give it a go. Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck! I totally understand the getting bored easily. I have a large array of UFO’s next to my chair and my craft room looks like a yarn & fabric bomb went off. It looks like you are off to a good start though 😉

    1. I completely sympathize with craft/yarn room thing. Only my craft room was supposed to be a nursery and now my daughter is almost 2 and it’s looking more and more like a yarn room and less and less like Amelie’s ever going to have her own room.

    2. I’m glad to hear you are coming over to team Craft Camper (finally). C’mon, what’s not to love about a tilraer that is your craft room on wheels? If only I could’ve afforded a real truck that could haul stuff. Poor little truck. In the owner’s manual under towing is not how much I can tow, but how to tow the truck behind a bigger vehicle.Maybe next time.Thanks for the comment!

    1. OK, so it’s not going too well. I think I’m too flighty for this sort of project. I made one square, stared at it for about an hour then thought “hmmm…. if I kept crocheting around the edge this would make a cute little blanket for Amelie.” So, so far I have 0 granny squares BUT 1 cute little blanket for Amelie.

  2. I’m thinking of starting another granny blanket project, after so many years since the first one … I’ll need luck too, because I tire of the stop-and-start rounds and binding off and attaching new colours after a while. And yes, I’ve just gone on crocheting around and around and ended up with a big blanket! Good luck with your project, and thanks for the follow!

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