Vintage Baby Flower Bonnet

free crochet pattern

I adapted this pattern from one I found in a vintage book. I considered selling it on ETSY but I’ve been crocheting for 2 years now and everything I’ve learnt I’ve done so through free tutorials and patterns. So I thought I’d give something back. Excuse the colours in some of these photographs, I used 35mm Lomo film.

free crochet pattern

Hook size: 2mm

Age: Approx 6-12 months (my models a bit older but she has a tiny head)

Yarn: 4ply


SC: Single crochet

DC: Double crochet

HDC: Half double crochet

St(s): Stitch(s)

Ch: Chain

Sl st: Slip stitich

SIDE PANEL (make 2)

9ch. Join with a sl st to first ch to form a circle.

R1: 2ch to count as first SC. Work 15 SC into circle. Join with a sl st to 2nd of first 2ch.

R2: 7ch to count as first DC and 4ch sp. *Miss 1 SC, 1 DC into next SC, 4ch*  repeat  6 more times. Join with a sl st to 3rd of first 7ch.

(8 DC and 8 sp)

R3: Work (1SC, 7DC, 1SC) in each 4ch loop to end. Join with a sl st to first SC.

R4: *6ch, keeping 6ch at back of work make 1SC between petals* Repeat 7 more times. Work last SC into first ch.

R5: Work (1SC, 9DC, 1SC) into each 6ch loop to end.

R6: Same as R4

R7: Word (1SC, 13DC, 1SC) into each 6ch loop to end.

Cast of.

Join yarn for leaves to center of one petal.

R8: 1SC into same place as join. *(7ch, work 1 DC into second ch from hook and  next 5ch, 1SC into same place as last SC) twice, 7ch, 1DC into center of next petal* repeat 7 more times. Join with a sl st to first SC.

Cast of.

Join year for main body of bonnet to top of first leaf of a group of 2.

R9: 1SC into same place as join. *6ch, 1SC into top of next leaf, 4ch, 1SC into to of next leaf* repeat to end. Join with a sl st to first SC. (96sts)

R10: 3ch (counts as first DC). Work 1DC in each SC to end. Join with a sl st to 3rd of first 3ch. (112 sts)

R11: 3ch (counts as first DC).  Work 1 DC into next 6DC, 2DC in next DC.  *1 DC into next 7DC, 2DC in next DC* Repeat to end. Join with a sl st to 3rd of first 3ch. (126 sts)

Cast off.



R1: 1DC into 3rd ch from hook. 1DC into each ch to end.

R2: 3ch (counts as first DC). 1 DC into each DC to end. Turn.

R3 – R34: Repeat R2.

Cast off.

Join center panel to side panels along 5 petal groups, leaving other 3 groups free.


Attach yarn to edge of bonnet. 3ch  sl st into 3rd ch from hook. Sl st into next 3 stitches. Repeat all the way around the edge of bonnet. Join with a sl st. Cast off.

free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern

If you have photos you’d wish to share of anything you’ve created using one or more of my patterns I’d LOVE to see them!

Email me: crochetlatte[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au
or upload to the Crochetlatte Flickr group

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  1. What size yarn/string did you use for this pattern. It’s truly lovely. I’d love to make it…but, maybe I’m missing where is says this info! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi there! I didn’t write that info because I had no idea but some one else asked me the same question today so i did a bit of digging around to find a label. From what I can see on the label it’s 4ply cotton. I hope this helps! I usually ignore yarn types/sizes because I have no idea what it means. I just pick it out because I like the colour and it looks approximately the right size. I should really learn more about it though.

  2. It’s most likely the type of cotton used to make doilies if you are using a 2mm hook, usually it will say #10 or #20 something like that, the larger the number, the smaller the gauge. Very cute thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m not sure but it said it was for a 3mm hook and in my naivety I thought “she’ll be right” and went ahead and used it anyway. It turned out well though. You could use a 3mm hook to make one of these for a toddler.

  3. Found you on Pinterest because this bonnet it TO.DiE.FOR and I couldn’t believe it was a FREE pattern. Well, I am so, so, SO glad you were so, so, so KIND to share it for free! Thank you!

    Now I have an amazing free pattern, a new project I am excited to start and a cool new crochet blog in my reader! 😉

  4. I have a family member having a baby girl in a few months and would love to make this in a newborn size, any tips? It’s stunning!

    1. To be honest with you I’ve forgotten, I just made it up as I went along. But there are a lot of free 1920’s hat patterns with similar ties. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help 🙁

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