Amelie’s Dress

Decided to try and take some better photos of Amelie’s Dress today. I had no idea how much she’d grown until I tried to squeeze it over her little belly. How did that happen? I swear it was only yesterday I made that dress for her. The sad thing is she’s only worn it twice (both times she ended up vomiting on it) and now it’s too small. My next baby had better be a girl.

Notice how I’ve avoided photographing her mid-drift.

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  1. Lovely crochet – lovely photos and rather excellent wellie boots 🙂 Could you lend the dress to someone with a little girl? I say lend, because if your next one IS a little girl, you could ask for it back!

    Crochet’s a bit tricky as i don’t think it’s as stretchy as knitting…

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