Granny Love

Granny Love

The humble granny square is one of the things that first drew me to crochet and made me want to learn, yet in all my years of crocheting I hadn’t actually made anything with granny squares. Part of the reason for this is that blankets (even small ones) scare me, it’s such a huge, time consuming commitment. I always thought “what if I stuff it up? What if the colours aren’t quite how I imagined them? All that work and love for nothing”. My little boy is due in only 3 months so I thought that this would be the perfect time to get over my commitment phobia, after all once he is here I won’t have the time to do such a project for quite some time.

So here it is! My first official granny square blanket, it’s small but I did it!

A good tutorial for the basic granny square can be found here.

Granny Love 2

Granny Love 3

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