Hoat Cangers

Coat Hangers

This is more than a little embarrassing to admit but for the longest time I thought that coat hangers were actually pronounced ‘hoat cangers’. It’s a mistake I made as a small child and never really thought about untill…… well, quite a bit later. In my defense I’m extremely dyslexic and this is not the first, or indeed the most embarrassing mix-up I’ve ever made. Anyway, this lovely project from Dottie Angel has been on my to-do list for a very, very long time but I’ve always had bigger, ‘more important’ projects to finish. The other night I wanted a quick project that was straight forward, pretty and that didn’t involve any altering. Immediately this pattern sprang to mind, I didn’t even need to choose my own colours. I made 3 of these in around 2 hours (at a very relaxed pace). The only problem is that I like them so much I can’t bring myself to put them back in the closet but I have no room or wall space for them anywhere else. Time to get a bigger house – I can dream.

Pattern can be found here.

Coat Hangers 2

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