I’ve been busy photographing items to sell on ETSY. I’m starting to wonder if it’s really worth it. Of course it is an advantage being a photographer but it’s definitely not an advantage being a perfectionist. I could spend a whole day just photographing and editing the images for one little item. I’ve just finished listing this beanie and booties set. The booties are loosely based on this pattern.

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  1. I am a photographer and a crochet lady with a blog to and i have totally the same problem…it takes hours…and my man always says: why are you doing this? you started to crochet for relaxing, and now you make a job out of it. stop it! 😉 like to see my blog too? marionhassold.com/blog Greetings

  2. Love it! So know that feeling…sometimes I think the photos take as much time as crocheting the item! Your pics are lovely tho’.

    Funny as I am planning to take the etsy step next (when ‘life’ gives me a moment to do so). Have been putting it off as I realise there is quite some time involved to get it all set up… I keep thinking ‘start the set up process’ or ‘crochet for a bit’… guess which one always wins out? 🙂

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