Personalized Easter Bunny Keepsake

Ok, so this has nothing to do with crochet but it was so fun and easy to do I thought I’d post it anyway.

So here is how it’s done….


Easter bunny chocolate mold

Alphabet stamps

Sculpey (or similar material)


Acrylic paint

Washing-up detergent

ONE: Put a thin layer of washing-up detergent inside the mold. This is to stop the Sculpey from sticking to the mold (it took me 3 failed attempts to learn this)

TWO: Break off enough Sculpey to fill the mold and kneed it until it is soft and pliable. Fill the mold with the Sculpey but don’t overfill the mold. It’s best to start with too little and add more to it than to have too much.

THREE: Smooth the surface with your finger or a rolling pin. Press the stamps into the Sculpey to write the name and date (or whatever you like!)

FOUR: Take your bunny out of the mold and place on a tray in the oven. Refer to your Sculpey packet for cooking temperatures and times.

(Be careful not to OVER-BAKE him!)

FIVE: When it’s cool you can smooth the edges with sand paper and paint him in the colours (colors) of your choice. Paint lightly over the lettering so as not to get too much paint in the grooves. If you want, use a contrasting colour in the grooves of the letters. You can wipe off any of the paint with a clean damp towel.

SIX: Varnish and let dry. VOILA!!!


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  1. Ohhh he is so cute! I think I should make one for my cousin’s new baby. It would be a great keepsake for his mommy!

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